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4 Tips for Helping an Elder Take a Bath

Some seniors do not like the idea of taking a bath regularly. For instance, elderly patients with Alzheimer’s disease are often afraid to take a bath, especially when they hear the sound of running water. Caregivers in California are trained to deal with the elderly during their bath time and here are some of the … Continue reading

5 Tips: Cheering up an Elderly Loved One

A bad mood can also happen among our aging loved ones. When seniors are not in a happy mood, it won’t hurt when to do some things to lift their spirits up, would you agree? As a Home Care Agency in San Francisco, California, we do say that cheering up our senior loved ones may … Continue reading

Pushing a Wheelchair: Quick Guide for Family Caregivers

Is it your first time to assist your loved one with their manual wheelchairs? Whether this is a temporary or permanent device for them, family caregivers still need to know how to properly push a wheelchair to ensure the safety and comfort of your loved one. This skill is not only beneficial for family caregivers. … Continue reading

4 Reasons Why Hygiene Is Important for Seniors

Taking a shower, shampooing hair, scrubbing skin, and clipping nails… these are just a few of the things that we do in order to implement proper hygiene. But just how important are these to older adults? Good hygiene is necessary not just for the young and working adults, but also to senior family members because… … Continue reading