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4 Tips for Helping an Elder Take a Bath

Some seniors do not like the idea of taking a bath regularly. For instance, elderly patients with Alzheimer’s disease are often afraid to take a bath, especially when they hear the sound of running water. Caregivers in California are trained to deal with the elderly during their bath time and here are some of the … Continue reading

5 Tips: Cheering up an Elderly Loved One

A bad mood can also happen among our aging loved ones. When seniors are not in a happy mood, it won’t hurt when to do some things to lift their spirits up, would you agree? As a Home Care Agency in San Francisco, California, we do say that cheering up our senior loved ones may … Continue reading

Pushing a Wheelchair: Quick Guide for Family Caregivers

Is it your first time to assist your loved one with their manual wheelchairs? Whether this is a temporary or permanent device for them, family caregivers still need to know how to properly push a wheelchair to ensure the safety and comfort of your loved one. This skill is not only beneficial for family caregivers. … Continue reading

Why Respite from Caregiving Makes You Better

Anyone who has ever provided regular care to a person will have different things to tell you about their experience. Those who’ve been at it for a considerable amount of time will tell you of the physical and emotional toll caregiving can have on the carers. If you’ve only just started to venture into the … Continue reading