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Pushing a Wheelchair: Quick Guide for Family Caregivers

Pushing a Wheelchair: Quick Guide for Family Caregivers

Is it your first time to assist your loved one with their manual wheelchairs? Whether this is a temporary or permanent device for them, family caregivers still need to know how to properly push a wheelchair to ensure the safety and comfort of your loved one. This skill is not only beneficial for family caregivers. Anyone can encounter an opportunity to assist people who are using manual wheelchairs.

That being said, as a Home Care Agency in San Francisco, California, we would like to impart these helpful guidelines on how to properly push a manual wheelchair:

  • Be mindful of the brakes

    Just like regular vehicles, wheelchairs are also equipped with brakes so that these don’t run off in unguarded moments. Make sure that the brakes are not locked when you’re about to push the wheelchair. At the same time, ensure that these are locked every time the wheelchair is steady.

  • Be mindful of your passenger’s feet position

    Ensure that both their feet are firmly and comfortably at the footplates. This can help them feel comfortable and convenient when you are pushing the wheelchair. Along with this, double-check that any possible dangling item, such as their clothes or bags, are properly tucked away. Also, properly position their elbows at the armrest.

  • Be mindful of hazards on the way

    As you push the wheelchair, look out for any bumps or clutters on your way so you can veer away from them. Looking out for hazards is also a basic practice of providing quality Senior Care.

  • Be mindful of the surfaces you pass on

    Ensure that these are even so you can prevent any possible incident of tipping over. Also, stay away from very steep pathways. However, when these areas are unavoidable, reposition the wheelchair so that you are dragging it forward and thus, preventing possible tipping.

  • Be mindful of your loved one’s condition

    Before you do any maneuver, ensure that you inform them beforehand. If you are about to turn into a corner or tilt the chair a little, make sure that they know about it so they can be prepared and can also cooperate with you.

  • Be mindful of where to place bags or shopping items

    Avoid putting them at the handles as this can change in the center of gravity and can result in tipping accidents. When it’s possible to let your loved one hold it, do so. However, to be safe, have a Caregiver in California accompany you so that you can have the extra hands you need in finishing such kinds of errands.

As your trusted partner in caring for your loved one, our team of compassionate care providers at Camcaregivers, LLC is always ready to be of assistance so that a good quality of life can be enjoyed by your aging loved ones at home. When you need this kind of service, feel free to arrange an appointment with us.

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