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Years of experience has taught us resilience.
Aquilina Bolivar

On 2016, Aquilina Bolivar and a team of creative minds who have numerous experiences in caring for elderly population founded Camcaregivers, LLC. They set out to create a home care system which gives the elderly individuals the opportunity to receive quality care, attention, and companionship that will leave a huge impact on the lives of their elderly clients.

Keeping in mind that such kind of home care services is already available in other agencies, we dedicated ourselves to the goal of bringing our brand of care to the next level. This unique goal has led to the birth of a company that is set apart from other non-medical home care agencies.

We do not only provide our clients with quality care, love, and attention but we also let their families and loved ones keep in touch with them even at a distance. We strategically place webcams to cover the entire process, so that the clients’ loved ones can check in to their beloved seniors’ conditions anywhere, anytime, and ensure that they are well taken care of. This way, you leave nothing to chance and can rest easy wherever you are, knowing full well that your loved one is in safe hands.