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Creating a Safe & Secure Home for an Elderly Loved One

Creating a Safe & Secure Home for an Elderly Loved One

The first step in any caregiving arrangement is to perform an initial assessment. This covers a variety of patient needs, including the care environment. If you’ve chosen home care for your loved one, you need to take the necessary steps to make your home—the ideal setting for care to take place—safe, secure, and comfortable.

When it comes to care arrangements, your home already has one thing going for it: familiarity. Of the Senior Care options made available, home care gets the top spot mainly for this reason alone. “Home” almost always means being near friends and family; it means being in your own bed, lying on the distinctively smelling pillow you’ve grown to love, and the threadbare sheets you just can’t part with. Home makes you feel safe; it makes you feel “at home”. This is one crucial element that the clinical setting of nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and other care institutions would never be able to achieve.

If your loved ones have chosen to receive care in their own homes, here’s how you can take things up a notch and bring a level of safety and security that improves their quality of life.

  • Clean your home regularly

    This is something you should do whether you have an elderly family member living in your home or not. Cleaning your house regularly keeps away germs and bacteria that could easily penetrate the weakened immune systems of our senior loved ones. Make sure to keep things organized too; your loved ones could easily trip and fall because of the clutter on the floor.

  • Take your arguments elsewhere

    If you’re living in the same roof as a senior family member, make sure to avoid shouting or arguing in their presence. If you can’t really hold it in, at least move to another area of the house where your loved one can’t hear you. There’s no need to cause them unnecessary stress, especially when this can also affect their health and well-being.

  • Implement the necessary safety measures

    There are tons of ways to make your home the ideal place for an elderly individual to live in. You can use rubber mats, install handle bars in the bathroom, or have someone watch over or assist your loved ones with their daily living activities. However, that’s not all, because when you do your research, you can discover even more innovative and applicable home safety measures for seniors.

There’s nothing we wouldn’t do for our senior family members. It’s because of these people that we are able to live the life we love today. Camcaregivers, LLC, a popular Home Care Agency in San Francisco, California, looks forward to becoming your partners in creating a safe and secure home for your aging loved ones.

Got any more home safety measures to share with us? Go ahead and comment them on the section below.

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