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5 Tips: Cheering up an Elderly Loved One

5 Tips: Cheering up an Elderly Loved One

A bad mood can also happen among our aging loved ones. When seniors are not in a happy mood, it won’t hurt when to do some things to lift their spirits up, would you agree?

As a Home Care Agency in San Francisco, California, we do say that cheering up our senior loved ones may not be successful all the time especially with respect to their specific conditions. However, there’s also no harm in trying and trying again.

With that, here are some helpful tricks you can try to cheer your elderly loved ones:

  1. Take Time to Listen

    Nothing delights our aging loved ones more than someone reaffirming their wisdom and age. We do this when we pay attention to their stories and strive to learn from what they say. When we also take time to listen to them, we’re also showing our deep respect for their authority as the elderly in our lives. You can start out by asking them a story about their younger years or what their greatest life lesson is. Remember, affirm their wisdom.

  2. Show Pictures

    Our aging loved ones can also be made happy with cheerful memories of the past. Take out photo albums and walk down the memory lane with your aging loved one. Allow them to relish beautiful experiences through the pictures they see in the photo album. However, be mindful also of memories that are sensitive to them. Only show pictures that you are certain can lift their mood.

  3. Show Non-Verbal Affirmations

    Our words cannot cheer up our elderly loved ones all the time. There are still so many ways to lift their moods and one of these is through non-verbal language. Provide them with quality Senior Care by hugging them, patting their shoulder, or even dancing with them. Your actions and gentle touches can help them feel that they still deserve to be close with.

  4. Play with Them

    Do something together with your aging loved one that is fun and, at the same time, interesting. If they have hobbies they stopped doing due to lack of companionship, do it with them so they can be uplifted once again. Remember, sharing something with someone can lift up their moods and cheer them up.

  5. Let Them Be

    Sometimes, however, our aging loved ones can be cheered up after they have grumbled about some things or complained about people. Just let them express these thoughts but don’t take their words personally. Unless their complaints are truly worth looking at, be content of letting these pass by. You’ll be surprised how expressing these thoughts can cheer them up.

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