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4 Tips for Helping an Elder Take a Bath

4 Tips for Helping an Elder Take a Bath

Some seniors do not like the idea of taking a bath regularly. For instance, elderly patients with Alzheimer’s disease are often afraid to take a bath, especially when they hear the sound of running water. Caregivers in California are trained to deal with the elderly during their bath time and here are some of the important reminders that you should also know as a family caregiver:

  • Know when is the appropriate time to give them a bath

    Unlike younger people who are used to taking a shower early in the morning to go to work or to go to school, the elderly might not like getting splashed with water moments after they wake up. Other seniors might just prefer a sponge bath or a half bath than a full bath. They might not like taking a bath frequently as well. It is better to ask them about their preferences and not to impose a bathing style and schedule on them. The important thing is to keep them neat and tidy as possible.

  • Prepare all the needed materials before inviting the senior to the bathroom

    Do not leave the elderly inside the bathroom as you go out to pick up the towel and toiletries. It is better to prepare everything needed for bathing so that the senior will feel safe throughout the whole bathing process. In addition, make sure to clean the bathroom beforehand to avoid accidents from happening.

  • Assisting devices or adaptive equipment can make the bathroom safer

    Bathrooms designed for the elderly might have railings, chairs, or benches that will help the elderly move or stay as you bathe them.

  • Make bathing a peaceful and relaxing activity

    Some accompanying music (e.g. classical music or meditation sounds) might help the elder feel relaxed while bathing. If your elderly loved one is not the musical type, you can talk to them about their plans for the day, the weather for today, and other topics that are of a neutral nature.

Do you help your elderly loved one take a bath? What are the other challenges you face in helping them take care of their personal hygiene and grooming? If you have any concerns about the elderly, a Home Care Agency in San Francisco, California is always ready to help you out.

Camcaregivers, LLC strives to give the elderly a life of the highest quality. Aside from being professionals, we stand as a family member, a friend, and a companion to our clients as we assist them in their activities and meet their needs. We are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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