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4 Reasons Why Hygiene Is Important for Seniors

4 Reasons Why Hygiene Is Important for Seniors

Taking a shower, shampooing hair, scrubbing skin, and clipping nails… these are just a few of the things that we do in order to implement proper hygiene. But just how important are these to older adults?

Good hygiene is necessary not just for the young and working adults, but also to senior family members because…

  1. It keeps them comfortable.

    Have you ever gone a couple of days without taking a shower or a bath? You end up feeling hot, sticky, and downright uneasy. It’s not the best experience, is it? Just imagine how much more uncomfortable it would be for your senior loved one!

    But when your elderly family member is able to have a shower or bath at the regular, it will allow them to rest better and simply just be more comfortable all around. If you’re concerned that you always aren’t there to give assistance to your loved one when they bathe, you can always request a home health aide from Camcaregivers, LLC to help you out.

  2. It helps them stay healthy.

    As the saying goes, health is wealth. The more your senior loved is able to remain free from dirt and grime, the less likely they will be able to contract any infections or be at risk for other related diseases as well.

    For bathing and hygiene tips, you can also ask for advice from your senior family member’s care provider. And in case you think your loved one will benefit from Senior Care overall, we are just one call away!

  3. It encourages them to socialize.

    Remaining social for seniors is important because it allows them to continue being mentally active as their age advances. But if you don’t like how you personally look or smell, would you be interested in getting in touch with other people or joining public events? Probably not.

    Don’t worry, it’s nothing a shower and personal care can’t fix. Let a Home Care Agency in San Francisco, California be of assistance to you! Our highly skilled and friendly carers will definitely deliver the best quality of care your loved one deserves!

  4. It gives them better self-confidence.

    Looking good and feeling great shouldn’t stop when you get older. But a lot of seniors seem to think that way. Well, that’s not true at all!

    Even a simple shower and a fresh change of clothes can greatly improve how a person can look. And most of all, it can make a senior loved one appreciate themselves better, leading to a higher level of self-confidence, as well!

How about you, what do you think are the other reasons why it is important for a senior to stay hygienic? If we missed a couple of reasons that you think should be on the list, feel free to let us know by dropping down your thoughts in the comment box below! You can also share this post with a loved one or friend!

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